First Time Home Buyers

We have years of experience helping first time home buyers get their first home loan.  We’ll work with you throughout the process and take out all of the guess work.  With our help, you can learn how to qualify for your loan, how much you can afford, and how to minimize costs.


The qualifications for your mortgage can vary depending on the type of loan you select.  We work with you to help you qualify for the best loan for your situation.  Starting this step early can save you thousands. It’s best to get pre-approved before your start looking.  It will help you to focus on the price range that fits your budget.

When you call us to apply, we’ll take your information and then review and discuss your options in detail.  We want you to completely understand what’s required to qualify for specific loan types and which one is best for you.

It all starts with a quick phone call.

Some mortgages require down payments, while others do not.  Again, the pre-approval process will let you know which of the programs require down payments and which do not.  Down payments along with program differences also influence the need for mortgage insurance.  Many programs with small down payment requirements come with higher mortgage insurance costs, while others may have lower costs.  It all depends on the loan type.  We’ll show you how to get the best deal.

All mortgage companies are not the same when it comes to closing costs associated with your loan. At North Alabama Mortgage we work hard to keep your costs at a minimum. In many instances the closing costs are paid by the seller.  But there are limits to the amount most sellers are willing to pay. By helping you keep these costs down, it will improve your chances of having the seller pay these costs. This will help you reduce the amount you have to pay at closing.

And YES it is currently possible to buy a home with no down payment and no closing costs. You do have to qualify for the programs, but we can quickly determine your eligibility. We close loans throughout the year where the buyer(s) move into their new home with no cash out of their pocket.


There are a lot of steps between loan application and closing.  Not only will we guide you through the process, we’ll educate you along the way. We’ll stay in contact with you from beginning to end and try to remove the stress associated with obtaining a mortgage.

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